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Diamonds 101

Excellent Ideal Cut
The excellent ideal cut diamond describes a round brilliant diamond that has been cut to exact and mathematically proven proportions. Its symmetry produces the ultimate in luster and beauty.

When a diamond is cut to the Excellent Ideal proportions, all of the light entering from any direction is totally reflected through the top and is dispersed into a display of sparkling flashes and rainbow colors.

Fine Exceptional Cut
A Fine Exceptional Cut Diamond demonstrates subtle variations from the Ideal Cut. Although dimensional differences affect a diamond's reflection of light, a Fine Exceptional Cut still achieves a harmonious balance between its proportions and the display of brilliance.

Value Cut
This diamond gives you the maximum value and beauty, combining carat weight and a low price.


More diamonds, although appearing colorless, actually have slight tones of yellow or brown. As these tones become more easily apparent, the rarity and the cost decrease.

Ideal cutting dramatizes the rare splendor of a diamond because it produces such dazzling brilliance.


Color and Clarity diagrams courtesy of the Gemological Institute of America and the American Gem Society.


Practically all diamonds contain naturally occuring internal characteristics called inclusions. The size, nature, location and amount of inclusions determine a diamonds clarity grade and affect its cost.

One unique advantage of the Ideal Cut is that its sparkle can mask otherwise noticeable inclusions.

No inclusions visible (by an expert) under 10X magnification.
FL=Flawless IF=Internally Flawless

Minute - extremely difficult to find under 10x. VVS=Very, very slight inclusions

Minor - difficult to find under 10x. VS=Very slight inclusions

Noticeable, relatively easy to find under 10x. SI=Small inclusions

Obvious under 10x - just visible to the naked eye. I1 =Imperfect






Laser Engraving

"If you don't know your hiamonds, know your Jeweler"