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The Grace of Antwerp™ - The Story

In October 0f 2005, an American jeweler and his wife traveled to the diamond center of the world - Antwerp, Belgium.

They were on a quest. They were seeking diamond-cutters capable of realizing a diamond they thought to be unique and captivating. The main criteria of this design was to capture the beauty and spirit of their daughter... Grace.

After having spoken to several of the best diamond-cutters in the world, they, at last found one company who was ready to meet the challenge. Many months and several improvements later, the new diamond was perfected into a stunning gem, so beautiful , yet so innocent and pristine in it's classic shape. The jeweler and his wife named it after their own daughter and the city whose master-craftsmen made this dream and vision a reality.


What makes the Grace of Antwerp™ Diamond unique?

The Grace of Antwerp™ Diamond has 81 facets. A round brilliant has only 57 facets, and a princess cut has only 62-70 facets.

The Grace of Antwerp™ Diamond is polished by hand, in Antwerp, by master cutters of one of the most prestigious diamond-cutting factories in the world.

The Grace of Antwerp™ Diamond is custom cut and polished to exacting parameters, that is why each Grace of Antwerp should be considered as a work of art in its own right.

The Grace of Antwerp™ Diamond is elegantly rounded which means that it can easily be set in a vast range of jewels and mountings.

The Grace of Antwerp™ Diamond has corners that allow for easier setting than a princess or radiant cut diamond.

The Grace of Antwerp™ Diamond cut allows for the corners ("tips") to be more durable than a conventional fancy-cut.

The Grace of Antwerp™ Diamond has a larger "spread" to give a the diamond a larger look than a conventional fancy-cut.

The Grace of Antwerp™ Diamond can only be purchased through exclusive fine jewelers.



We are honored that you have chosen a Grace of Antwerp Diamond as a reflection of your beauty and spirit. The Grace of Antwerp Diamond was custom cut for you by a master cutter with skill and professionalism.

We believe that the Grace of Antwerp Diamond will provide you with many years of enjoyment and be a very unique heirloom that will be passed down to generations.